migrate to google analytics 4 now

GA4 is slated to replace the existing version of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics or UA) in June 2023. This means that next year you’ll be using GA4 regardless, and it’s essential that you migrate your data carefully to avoid any loss.

G4 is a year away you say; why rush?

While Google recently announced a sunsetting date of June 2023 for GA Universal, migrating to GA4 sooner than later will only benefit your company. After all, when next year arrives, you will be using it anyway. By making the switch now, you will have the opportunity to collect both sets of data for at least a year and have the ability to compare apples to apples by analyzing the next year’s data.

3 important reasons to migrate to GA4 right now

  1. G4 will not import your previous data and will only collect data from the time of creation. The sooner you migrate, the sooner you will have your data available to use to check on your website traffic and trends.
  2. G4 has many benefits including easier to read reports, if you’ve found your Google Analytics data a bit confusing to read previously, you will enjoy the new experience
  3. G4 is the future and can’t be avoided, it will be the standard for analytics.

What you may not understand about G4

  • GA4 uses a brand-new type of measurement based on events, as opposed to the previous page-view measurement (which used events as a custom tracking option)
  • If you are using Google Tag Manager – the tags are different to before
  • You will need a new Google Analytics property to store the data in
  • The interface is totally different to what you have previously been using
  • Some data doesn’t (currently) exist in the same way you can currently see it in Universal Analytics

How do I get started migrating to G4?

You will see prompts to upgrade to GA4 now as you log in to Google Analytics. A setup assistant is available and for experienced GA users, you should be able to work through it. However, if you have struggled with Google Analytics before it’s probably a good idea to work with someone who can make sure you don’t miss anything.

Free G4 quote

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