Monthly Powerup

Step up your web presence with a monthly power-up. Once your website is live, it’s important to continually add content and refine the content you already have. For the small business owner, it’s often difficult to find the time to sit down and analyze your website requirements and understand what to do!

Let us take care of this essential task for you!

  1. We can either complete your web edits for the month or
  2. Engage in a useful SEO activity to improve your website’s rank and traffic or
  3. Write an article designed to assist your long-term SEO

We will provide valuable insights about your website rank on Google and help you understand what people search for to find you and how you can improve your website to rank higher and get more traffic.

We’ll be on hand to offer advice about what you should blog about, what keyphrase you should use, and how to link it back to a key service page on your website. If you are time-poor and you need a new article we can write it for you (up to 500 words). All the work is documented monthly.

Allow us on your team as your virtual  SEO and content marketing assistants!

If this sounds fantastic, please add this product to the cart and complete the checkout to send us a notification (no payment required now). We will be in touch by email to gather your specific needs and will send you a regular invoice for bank transfer payment.


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