SEO Keyword Research

Are you looking at improving your website rankings but don’t know which keywords or keyphrases you should you target? How do you know if  you are ranking for the right keywords that people actually search for?

Get a keyword research report

  • keyphrases  your site is currently ranking for (in their suburb and also an additional nearby suburb)
  • keywords your sites competitors are currently ranking for (5 competitors)
  • search volume of all keywords/keyphrases (how many people search for the keyword)
  • keyword difficulty of keywords (to help work out what is acheivable)
  • suggestion of two ‘long tail’ keyphrases

This keyword research report is based on a 3 hour review.

Don’t have a website yet?

We will provide all the above plus make a recommendation of what you should target on your homepage. Your homepage usually has the most power to rank on Google so you should make sure you are targeting the term with the most search volume.


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